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Infrared heating 

All the effects of the sunshine's warmth, without the harmful rays Infrared heating produces a gentle warmth that is absorbed by the walls, floor and ceiling of the room – rather than heating the air like conventional systems. 
The heat is then projected evenly back into the room. Infrared heating uses Far Infra Red (FIR) technology – natural solar long waves – to create the effects of sunshine, without the harmful ultraviolet rays. 
In the winter, we feel comfortable with a sweater on when the room air temperature is 22°C. And yet, in the summer, we feel more comfortable wearing a t-shirt in the same room air temperature of 22°C. How can this be? 
The answer is that, even though the air temperature is the same, the walls and ceiling radiate FIR waves from the outside sunshine during the summer, causing our bodies to be warmer. 
With conventional convection heating – like central heating or a gas fire, for example – the air in the room is heated up and circulated around the room, creating cold spots and dust. 
Infrared heaters produce no carbon emissions, are 100% efficient and can save up to 70% of your current heating costs 
The size of the heater you need depends on the capacity of the room you need to heat. But, because the output of an infrared heater is multiplied by1.6, you will get a lot more heat from a small heater. For example, a 1000watt infrared heater is equivalent to 1600watt of output. 
All our infrared heaters are covered by a five-year manufacturer's guarantee. 
No moving parts to maintain or service 
Because there are absolutely no moving parts to maintain or service, the practical life of an infrared heater is surprisingly long. There is very little that can go wrong, and no risk of overheating or any fire hazard. 
Infrared heaters can be hung on walls or ceilings in minutes, using special brackets and you just simply plug into the nearest electric socket. 
No engineer or building work required - installation is simple! 
Replace this storage heater to → 
this slim efficient infrared heating panel 
Interested in Infrared heating but having only seen it in a showroom not a real life situation you have concerns. Please contact us to visit  
( by appointment only) our 17th Century barn conversion to see infrared heating a home in a real life situation. 


A major advantage of Infrared heating systems is that they save large amounts of energy. 


Easy installation, lifelong maintenance-free operation, and good design. The heating units can be installed on walls or ceilings, using concealed brackets. All you need is a power socket. 


We humans have evolved with the capacity to absorb infrared heat, which in turn has a beneficial effect on our immune system. 
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