Sample Calculations 

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When calculating the number of watts required for a property this is determined by how old the property is, if the property has adequate insulation and if the windows are single or double glazed. 
The average for a well insulated modern property with double glazing is 25wm3. This is the length of the room multiplied by the width of the room multiplied by the height of the room. (L x W x H). This figure is then multiplied by 25 watts which will give you the wattage required for the room. 
Infrared heats the thermal mass of the room and once the room gets to temperature then this just needs to be topped up. We estimate an average of 6 hours per day is required with a heating season of 180 days* 
Convection heating requires on average 40-50wm3 
Insulation Level 
House Type 
Watts per m/cubed 
Passive building 
Airtight property 
8 wm3 
New building 
Post 1983 
20 wm3 
Modern building 
Post 1940 
25 wm3 
Old building 
Pre 1940 
w30 wm3 
Example 3 bedroom modern 213m3 property 
Number of Panels 
Watts per panel 
KW usage per year 
KW usage per year at 6hrs per day  
Cost per yr at £0.13p per kWh 
9120 kW** 
2280 kW 
1270 kWh*** 
317 kW 
10, 390 kWh 
2597 kW 
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